Helen Hans
Helen Hans

Understanding your pre-verbal child


One of the most daunting things for new parents – especially the mother (or whoever is the primary carer) – is that the responsibility for soothing and calming a crying baby falls to them. And many mothers feel badly prepared for this responsibility, not to mention overwhelmed by their crying baby. Unlike other people’s babies, you can’t hand this one back!


There are many reasons why a baby might cry – anything from feeling hunger pangs to being stressed and exhausted by all their new experiences. Parents, too, can feel overwhelmed by their baby crying – it is a distress call after all, that is designed to prompt a response in the parents. It is this feeling of being overwhelmed that can be so difficult for the parents of a new baby to manage.

This is something I can teach you about in the weeks before birth and support you with in person once he or she has arrived.

Sometimes it helps simply to have someone with you while your baby is crying, someone who helps you to feel supported and cared for, enabling you to support and care for your baby. Sometimes you need someone to explain what is happening and guide you through possible ways to soothe the baby and calm the crying.


With my MA in Infant Mental Health, my strong observational skills and training in Newborn Behavioural Observations, I can help you make sense of what your baby is communicating to you. All babies communicate in slightly different ways and together we can explore those.  

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