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It’s a massive thing, having a baby. No wonder people want to talk about it. It certainly is one of those times when the words ‘life changing’ really do apply!

Some people seem to take to parenthood really easily, but many of us find it harder. In fact, for most of us, the challenges are huge. Especially for the parent at home with the baby, life is almost unrecognisable – so little from before stays the same. Just simple tasks like getting dressed and brushing your teeth feel like things you have to create time for!


Some people find they can get the support they need from family and friends, but you might rather talk to someone outside your usual circle – someone who’s one step removed from the situation. As a psychological therapist with children, adolescents and families, I can provide you with the time and space to talk about whatever you want, without judgement – just empathy and understanding. I can support you as you begin to make sense of all these new experiences, which can overwhelm you at times and possibly impact your relationship with your baby.


If you’re worrying that you’re not doing the right thing as a parent or that everyone seems to be doing it better than you, we can talk about that. If you think your relationship with your baby isn’t all it should be, we can talk about that, too.


Perhaps you’re finding that memories from childhood are interfering with how you parent, or the way you were parented is affecting your life with your baby. Exploring that together can help you work through any difficulties or barriers you’re facing.


We would usually meet for 50 minutes once a week, but we can meet more frequently if needed. You may only need a few weeks to feel the benefits of talking therapy, but you can continue for longer if you wish. While therapies usually work best in person, we can run sessions online according to circumstances or geography, or if you just prefer. Sometimes when you have a new baby, speaking from your own home may feel like all you can manage for now.


With my MA in Infant Mental Health, together with my long experience of working with expectant and new parents, I can help you with your worries about yourself or your baby, or anything else you have on your mind.

We can meet one to one, just you and me, or one to two when you bring baby, too. If you prefer, both parents can attend together with baby. Call me to discuss what would suit you and your family best. 

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