Helen Hans
Helen Hans

Parent-infant therapy services

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist working with infants and their parents. As such, the main focus of my work is the relationship between the parent and infant with the aim being to encourage the best possible emotional connection between them.


It is never too early to start this work. For example, the pregnancy can be a preparatory time for you to begin to work through any difficult feelings you have regarding your relationship with your baby.


Becoming a parent or having another baby often stirs up feelings you’d almost forgotten you’d got. Memories come back that can knock you slightly off balance. Little things can interfere with your ability to respond to your baby in the way you might wish to and we can talk about that before your baby is even here to mitigate their effects. Having a baby is a wonderful time in your life – but not every moment day and night!


It takes courage to admit that you have concerns about your feelings towards your baby or the way that you behave towards him, but contacting me and starting therapy together is a brilliant start to making changes that will help. Just talking about your feelings can be enough to make the difference. And talking to someone outside your immediate circle of friends and family can be easier.


If you’re worried about your relationship with your baby because you find it hard to comfort him or understand what he is trying to convey to you, I can support you as you develop your knowledge and familiarity with him. Being upset makes it hard to calm and soothe your baby, so I can be with you while you comfort him to help you through those moments and learn to attune to him.


Providing emotional regulation for an unsettled baby is a tiring task and one it’s OK to seek support for.


Sometimes it only takes a few visits to facilitate positive changes in the infant-parent relationship, but the work can continue for many weeks if need be. By observing mother and baby together, I can explore the minutest of interactions between you, enabling you to understand the cause and effect of any difficulties in your relationship.   


With older toddlers, their language and understanding develop (normally at around 18 to 24 months), and it may be necessary from me to see mum and toddler separately.


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