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Helen Hans

coping with two (or more!)

If you're expecting number two, you may well be wondering how on earth you're going to cope when s/he arrives. You know just how demanding a new baby can be time-wise and therefore uncertain as to how you'll cope with the new baby's needs in addition to those of your toddler - not to mention your own. Will you ever get any time to yourself again?!


One positive is that you're a parent already and so you've mastered all the parenting basics, like nappy changing, bathing and all those safer sleep guidelines.


So you may be more concerned about how to manage your toddler's reaction and behaviour towards your new baby than anything else. Or how you're going to cope on less sleep when you'll almost certainly not be able to grab a quick daytime snooze with two - not that you necessarily ever did it when you only had one!


If you'd like, I can support you through this change. It may not feel as big a change in some ways, but in others it's miles bigger! We can start to prepare you and your toddler for the arrival of the new baby and I can be on hand with support with your toddler's behaviour if you need in those early months!


Give me a call. Let's see how I can help.

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