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Helen Hans

Introducing baby


When you’re having your second – or third – baby, you have a whole bunch of concerns which are quite different to those you had the first time. Not least is how to introduce your new baby to his/her older brother or sister without upsetting them. That is a tricky business!


There’s a whole range of different ideas as to how to approach this first meeting, but knowing that there are bound to be ups and downs may make you feel more confident. I can help you explore some of these in the run up to your baby’s birth as well as support you as a family in the early weeks. It can be a big surprise to your first baby that the second one is now staying – he hasn’t just popped round for the afternoon, but will be part of the family forever.


Learning to share – not only your toys, but mummy and daddy – has got to be one of life’s toughest lessons to learn. Who wants to share if they don’t have to?! Uncharacteristic behaviour may indicate the struggles your older child is experiencing as s/he has to find a new place in this new family. Together we can think about what is happening within the family dynamic and bring ease and understanding to all the family members. Visits can happen once or twice a week initially, tapering off as the situation improves for you.

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