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Helen Hans

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Becoming a parent is often portrayed as a blissful time for couples. It's a time of fulfillment and increased personal satisfaction. 


Equally, for some it can be much harder. It can be a time of increased strain between the couple, with tiredness and self-doubt making bickering more likely. And it's not always an easy thing to admit to. Who wants to complain about the washing up not being done and the ensuing arguments with people who just don't quite get it?


Mums' mental health status is normally addressed by health professionals both before and after the birth of their baby, but dads' mental health isn't and it can be even more difficult for men to seek help with low mood and depression after the birth of their baby - especially in the Uk with its tradition of the stiff upper lip.


However, it's OK to admit you're not OK. Seeking help is a courageous thing to do because it so often goes against the grain to admit you're struggling. As a psychotherapist specialising in working with parents during pregnancy and the pre-school years, I can offer you support with your difficult emotions. We can explore the roots of those feelings and work to improve your mental health and, in turn, your relationship with those around you. 

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