Helen Hans
Helen Hans


One of the hardest things about having a new baby is when they cry. You just want to be able to soothe and comfort them and it can really knock your confidence when you can't - even though that's really normal at times. In fact, being willing to stay with your baby when they're upset, even when they're not settling and even if it's upsetting you, is a fantastic thing. It means a lot that you're sticking with it. You're willing to keep trying to find something that helps.


Sometimes crying stirs up feelings of inadequacy and makes you feel rubbish! With my extensive experience of working with parents in the earliest months of parenthood, together with my qualifications in infant mental health and psychotherapy, I can support you when your self-confidence is low. I will listen without judgement, but with empathy and help you to find inner resources to manage those inevitable ups and downs with your baby.


Everyone doubts themselves at times where babies are concerned. Please give me a call or email me to discuss how I can support you at those times. 

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