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sibling rivalry

One of the most difficult aspects of having a growing family can be sibling rivalry. You may well remember how you felt when you were little and you were told there was going to be an addition to the family. If this is you, then that can give you an insight into how your youngster might be feeling if there's a new baby in the house!


As a therapist specialising in working with families with very young children, and particularly around times of transition such as the arrival of a new family member, I can offer you support if you're finding the relationship between you and your children has deteriorated, or your older child's behaviour has gone backwards since the new baby was born. 


With my in-depth knowledge and understanding of very young children's emotional and social development and how they can be disrupted during times of change, I can broaden your understanding of how the changes have affected them and find ways to help them adjust to the new family set up. Sometimes all parents need is someone to listen to them as they, too, adjust to having more children and managing the emotional needs they bring. I can come in here, and be that person who's outside your circle of friends and family and therefore neutral, with no agenda.

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