Helen Hans
Helen Hans


There’s a story that is passed down from one generation to the next: babies sleep up to 20 out of every 24 hours.


Well, for some, that appears to be true, but for many, it really isn’t. And that has a knock-on effect on you, the parents! A large proportion of new parents find they bicker more than they did before their baby was born and this is due in large part to tiredness that makes us grumpy and intolerant.v


Over my many years of working with the parents of newborns, I have heard a multitude of stories about babies’ sleep and the methods parents have tried to encourage and aid restful sleep in their babies. Additionally, I have studied baby sleep through various trainings and have a thorough understanding of it as developmental. As your baby grows and changes, learning new things about the world along the way, so his or her sleep will be affected. There will be periods when your baby sleeps better and when he doesn’t.


If you feel that your baby has sleep problems, we can meet to explore them and find answers together. Sometimes only one or two sessions are needed before parents notice big changes in their baby’s sleep, but we can meet more often if that would be useful. 

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