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Having your second or third baby is often very different to having your first - I guess that goes without saying! 


You've experienced birth and so maybe you're not so worried about that this time. On the other hand, your first birth experience may have left you with feelings that bubble back up to the surface now you know you've got to go through it again. We can talk about that, and help prepare you emotionally and practically for this birth.


Maybe you're more interested in how you're going to cope with more than one baby. You know how to change a nappy and have negotiated all those firsts you have with baby number one, but now you're worrying about how you're going to manage with less sleep and the emotions of your first child when the new baby arrives.

We can meet during your pregnancy to talk through any or all of these, either just mum and me or both parents ane me. We can explore the ways that older children tend to behave when a new sibling is born and ways to address that before baby is here. 


We can meet after the baby arrives, too, and I can support you emotionally and/or practically depending on your needs. As a parent-infant and family psychotherapist, I am trained to work with each member of the family and can support you through the dynamic changes as three become four, or five. Give me a call or send me an email to discuss what would suit you and your family best. 

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