Helen Hans
Helen Hans

Baby learning and development

As new parents, you want to do all you can for your baby and help him or her flourish to the best of your abilities. Babies’ brains grow and change incredibly fast in the first weeks and months and their early development lays the foundation for the rest of their lives, with each new experience building on the previous one.


Having a deep understanding of the range of different ideas around parenting, I can help you think through what you would like to do with your baby and what would suit you, your situation and family best. With over 25 years’ experience of working with parents in late pregnancy and early parenthood, I have a broad range of ideas and knowledge to share with you.


With my MA in Infant Mental Health which focussed on development in the pre-school years, I can teach you not only about normal newborn development – what you can expect your baby to be doing and when – but also how to support your child’s long-term mental health. Their brains are wiring up really fast in those early months of life, and what is laid down then remains more or less unchanged for the rest of their lives. My in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and Attachment Theory together with my training in close observational skills mean I can guide you to recognise and respond to your baby’s needs as they change over time.


When your baby reaches toddlerhood, there are new demands on parents, such as dealing with their emotional outbursts as they begin to change from toddler to child. Together we can explore a whole array of ideas about how best to support your child at this time and I can support you through it all. 

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